Delivery and installation of equipment for beach sports playing fields in Augustów on Necko Lake included:

- Four beach volleyball courts equipped with professional posts, beach volleyball nets, post guards, referee posts with guards and lines marking out the playing field. The whole area has been divided with the use of ball-stops separating the pitches.

- Beach handball court with professional goals and lines marking the playground. The goals can be installed centrally or in place of one of the beach volleyball courts.

- Beach football pitch with full equipment, i.e. professional goals, lines marking the playing field and flags. The court was located centrally for size reasons and can be used for play once the beach volleyball court is removed.

- A sports grandstand for spectators watching the show with 130 seats. Polypropylene seats located in three rows on a hot-dip galvanized structure.

- Beach tennis court with posts, lines and net. The court can be used interchangeably with the beach volleyball court.

The whole complex of pitches has been fenced off with ball-stops on aluminium posts. Behind the beach football goals, the balls-stops have a height of 6.0m along the sidelines of 4.0m. In addition, the ball-stops on the sides of the pitches were made in a way that makes it easy to move them to facilitate access for players.

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