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The set is made of aluminium pipe Φ 50mm and 45mm, powder coated in yellow. It has a gradual height adjustment: 215cm, 224cm, 235cm and 243cm. Posts folded in three parts for easy transport of the set. A special mechanism enabling stretching the net, comprising a polypropylene line, a pulley, a snap hook and a cleat that tightens the line after tensioning the net. Each post in its rear part is equipped with guy ropes with adjustable length, fixed with means of pins (fastening in hard ground) or boards with a rope (fastening in sand), depending on the ground. The posts are equipped with a base made of galvanized steel sheet, which prevents the posts from moving during the game. The set includes: - foldable aluminium posts with a net tensioning mechanism, - net with dimensions of 8.50 x 1.00 m, made of knotless polypropylene, weave thickness 3 mm, eyelet 10x10 cm, trimmed with PVC tape on each side, - polypropylene guy ropes with adjustable length, 2 pcs for each post, - a set of lines delimiting the court with boards or pins for the respective surface, - pins and boards, to fix the guy ropes according to the surface.

• aluminium posts with a diameter of 50mm and 45mm split into 3 parts for easy transportation 10_000_1

10_000_2 • a mechanism that facilitates the tensioning of the net fastened to a snap hook and stretched by a cord on a pulley

• net tensioning cable locked with a clamping cleat 10_000_3

10_000_4 • height adjustment of posts in 4 positions 215cm, 224cm, 235cm and 243cm

• post stabilizing foot 10_000_3

10_000_4 • lashing cables on each post with length adjustment

• lashing cables fixed from the ground with pins or planks depending on the type of substrate (earth, sand) 10_000_3

10_000_4 • complete with adjustable lines marking out the playing field with a size of 8x16m (line width 50mm)

• professional volleyball net with a size of 8.50x1.00m made of polypropylene mesh knotless, tension lines upper - Kevlar, lower made of polypropylene, the net on the four sides trimmed with PVC tape 10_000_3

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In summer, we want to spend time outdoors and enjoy the sun and the beach. Very popular beach volleyball requires appropriate equipment that allows matches to be played anywhere. Fortunately, there is a recreational portable beach volleyball set PRO on the market that allows to play on the beach, in the park or on the allotment.


This set consists of a sturdy aluminium structure that guarantees the stability of the net and posts. This ensures that even in harsh weather conditions - in high winds, the net will not start to shift and the posts will not fall over. The set also includes fastening ropes that allow you to pull the net tightly, and a carrying bag so you can easily take the set anywhere.

The waterproof net is made of durable nylon, which is resistant to mechanical damage and UV rays. As a result, the net will retain its properties for many seasons, even with intensive use.


The recreational portable beach volleyball set PRO is not only sturdy and durable, but also very practical. Thanks to its easy-to-assemble design, you can quickly and efficiently unfold the net anywhere, and the carrying bag allows you to easily take the set with you to the beach, the lot or the park.

Recreational portable beach volleyball set PRO is ideal for people who love the outdoors and want to enjoy a game of beach volleyball anywhere.